A Changeling Psion, skilled in psychic powers, he is a desciple of the oracle of Schmitruttin.


Zan-Sul is a psychic warrior, a disciple of the oracle of Schmitruttin. Trained in the arts of the mind, he becomes a psychic spy and infiltrates the Iron Circle army. Doing small jobs for the generals, he quickly earned a name for himself among the higher ups. He was brought to the town of Harken to spy on the people there and to sense out and dispose of any suspicion that the king of Amber-Roze was being kept there. Worked to their advantage, not having to keep heavy guard around the king, and bringing attention to themselves. This was about the time he failed at a very important task, and his punishment was to fight the peasants in a brawl for the generals entertainment.

He met a Dragonborn Paladin, which he fought until they were both bloodied and beaten. Zan-Sul decided that the fight should end in a draw, and the Dragonborn agreed. This angered the generals so they sent men after them. They were taken outside the town and beaten even more, and left to die in the wilderness.

Zan-Sul is believed to be dead by the Iron Circle, and the Oracle of Schmitruttin.


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