The False Realm of Hurlin

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A Quick Review

The Beginning
On a sunny day in the town of Asmerith, a party gathered. A Gith monk by the name of Momir Vig had posted a help add a few days before on the town’s advertisement board. Answering the call was at first a wizard by the name of Merlin. He was recently made homeless and sought to free his father from the clutches of the Iron Circle. This was precisely the reason that the monk had posted the parchment in the first place.
The second to join was a rogue, although on a very different path, he would make a great addition to the team and certainly helpful. He had an odd way about him and seemed to only be after the reward, not the honor surely.
Third and fourth to join was a Dragonborn Paladin, who was joined by a Drow Ranger, the two gathered with the rest of the team and the plan was laid out.
The monk explained that the king of Ambrosia, the wealthy and well spoken “Kingdom of Immortals”, had been captured and taken out of the kingdom. If he cannot be found before a certain amount of time, his crown will be passed. The Heirs to the throne are currently missing, and it looks as if the crown will be passed shortly.

Tips have been received and your party will head to the town of Harken, and on the way, speak to informants who may help your search. But before you can depart the screams of a helpless woman catch your attention. A pillar of smoke can be seen coming from a small house and your party decides to help.

2. I Was Just Having A Beer When…
After your first encounter with the Iron Circle, you learn basically nothing, and promise your help to the helpless woman and her two children. When you proceed you come upon a town, the monk explains that a swordsman there will give you information. Your party chooses to sit and enjoy a drink while they wait for the colorful characters, the Iron Circle, to show their faces.
Sure enough they do, and it is all you can do to stop from creating a conflict, but things get fucking crazy anyway.
When you are through in the town you meet with a man in a house nearby the tavern. He tells you that your best bet is to keep heading to Harken, but on the way it would be a good idea to interrupt a caravan that is transporting some of the Kings treasure. He mentions that they are using a route that rich men use to hide their valuables while they cross through the town so they don’t get taken. This was common and it
was not a busy route at all, although holding a popular attraction, the Standing Stones.

3. We Were Here First!
The party sets up and surprises the caravan, the battle ensues and ends in victory

When you are through with the caravan you gather the treasures in the area, that were left by rich people, and move on. But before you can go anywhere, the sight of a waterfall catches your eyes. The Wizard gets a strong sense and seems to have strong feelings about entering this, so they investigate. The group spots the source of the waterfall, the large mouth of a cave. The wizard cant get his mind off of it so they decide to climb the 10ft wall and enter the cave mouth at the top of the waterfall.

4. Cave Droppings:
The party discovers two captives, a small gnome warlock and a drow cleric. They rescue them and continue through the cave. Along the way the Rogue trips a trap and causes the party to be discovered.
After the encounter the party loots, and takes the sorcerer captive, also obtaining the GOLEM STONE. The captive tells them of a secret entrance into Harken. That it is being moderately guarded because the king is being held there. She tells that the guards are slack as to not catch attention, but they have taken over the entire town. The caravan was not just to transport the kings gold, it was also to take him away from the town to a river where he would be murdered ritualistically.
Obviously things aren’t going as smoothly as the Iron Circle had hoped since the party intercepted the caravan, now they have to sneak into the city of Harken and act as peasants until they gain information. Once inside they discover that their party is too large, and split into separate groups. One group along the wall and one out in the courtyard.

5. Fight to the Death: PVP
The first group, which is out in the court, hears of a competition to entertain the Iron Circle guards. Peasants were fighting for small gold pieces and gems. The group could use this to their advantage so they choose to join in. A battle is fought and in the process the Wizard Merlin loses his life at the hands of the Warlock Gnome, her evil ways finally showing. The dragon born was beaten bloodied by his opponent and then he did the same to the Changeling Psion. Once they were too tired to fight, the Psion declared a draw and refused to continue. The guards didn’t like this so they charged down and arrested them, throwing them outside the gates after beating them half to death.

6. The Scrying Pool:
The group who had skimmed along the wall found themselves in a room with a small scrying pool. When gazing inside, visions permeated their minds as they were teleported into another realm. Space and time bent as they passed into an alternate dimension, and appeared in a room that belonged to a powerful mage who was surrounded by Genasi. The party had the drop on the group until the cleric asked for help, not knowing where he was.
After the encounter, the party discovers that they have been placed in an alternate dimension. During the battle, they receive help from a Warforged, who was trapped in an upstairs room because of so called “defects”. When it is obvious they will succeed, one of the enemies retreats and leads them into another room, where a sorcerer is being held captive. They help him and discover that the alter he was about to be sacrificed on held a magical dagger inside. After obtaining this item, the entire building began to cave in, the party thought about leaving through a door, but remembering what they had just found out. The only way to leave would be back through the portal to their dimension.
As the roof collapses they find their way into the symbols drawn on the floor and back into their dimension.
The Sorcerer and Barbarian both join the party.

Your Way In The Woods, You Must Find
The group which fought in the courtyard were thrown outside the town and beaten half to death. The rogue suffered greatly, the guardsmen having found many of their stolen possessions on his person. He was beaten to death and hung from a tree, toes missing and face a mess he was a pure disgrace to any rogue that walked the planet.
This party will now only consist of the Changeling Psion and the Dragonborn Paladin. The two will travel through the woods and seek information from a female druid.

Returning Home
The group will arrive back at the standing stones, a monument known to be on “The White Man’s Road”. They appear in the center and are greeted by the dragonborn and the changeling. Somehow the Changeling knew to wait there for you. The party will ultimately decide to head to the town in which they started from, to rest and look for a new place to start planing. The warforged draws attention outside a bar while the others in the party sit inside and have a drink.


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